Sample taking system

The requirements for food safety are getting stricter, in the current time. HACCP is committed by law for food processors and will be extended. Sample picking and sample control is necessary to monitor a production process at most. The sample picking is mostly done manual. The possibility that is goes wrong is big, in spite of a great devotion of the employee.

With the WEMO-techniek automatic sample bagging machine in combination with our sample taker range, errors belong to the past.

Without human mediation our sample bagging and labeling machine receives the samples which are taken by sample equipment and pack these automatic in a PE bag. The bags will be provided with online printed labels, directly after sealing. The labels can be printed with production data such as product code, date and time, production line, production location and such. Except taking the bag to the storage there’s no manual labour necessary.

Please check the WEMO-techniek wesite for more information.